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  • Paper notes in a digital world? Absolutely. I still believe in pens, pencils, notebooks, journals, daily planners, letter writing, thank-you cards, and all things that celebrate a life that respects the placing of words on paper. Though, obviously, the words you are now reading are not on paper, they are definitely on paper - in spirit. In an age of blogs (like this one), blogs about blogs, online publications of all kinds and everything digital, I still celebrate the journal kept in a notebook, bound books, magazines, a good newspaper and the literary world of old. I love to read about writing and writers. I’d rather read an interview with Somerset Maugham or Paul Auster than the gurus of the computer age. Why? I think my full-plunge into computing in the late eighties has worn me down. I feel disconnected in the most connected age of all. Read More Here


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February 20, 2006



Dear Mike,

Please don't at all feel like you are "bombing" as a blogger! Some of my favorite blogs are only infrequently updated, and a couple of them took almost a year off and then re-appeared, to cheers and clapping. I am a slow blogger, myself, reflecting on things for quite a while (often playing with the thoughts in my real, paper, journal) before posting.

Anyway, all of your readers who are subscribing to your blog's feed will know right away when you've posted something new (and will be glad!)

Lawrence Sanders

Bravo! No need to feel worried that there isn't a new post everyday. Interesting posts are more important than quantity of posts.


If you'd like to keep the site moving, without the pressure of posting frequently, consider guest posters (or open it to a small group, like Cosmic Variance or bOINGbOING). The additional perspectives, and essays, could be a good break for you, and provide a nice stream of similar thoughts.

Regardless, I enjoy your site. Please enjoy it, however it evolves!


Isn't that the point of going back to analogue? (Or, for some of us, never leaving it in the first place?) Not giving in to the rush-rush of instant messaging, and taking the time to think, which all the instantaneous features of technology rob us of. Slowing down to the speed of life.


Hey! No need to feel pressure. Look at Do what he's doing. I'm thinking about doing the same thing. I to started a blog only to realize I much prefer paper so I stopped posting. I think if I were to start up a blog and just use scans or pictures of what I write on paper, I would have several years worth of posts already!

linda woods

Thanks for popping over to our blog and sharing your lunch with us! :)
Linda and Karen

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