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  • Paper notes in a digital world? Absolutely. I still believe in pens, pencils, notebooks, journals, daily planners, letter writing, thank-you cards, and all things that celebrate a life that respects the placing of words on paper. Though, obviously, the words you are now reading are not on paper, they are definitely on paper - in spirit. In an age of blogs (like this one), blogs about blogs, online publications of all kinds and everything digital, I still celebrate the journal kept in a notebook, bound books, magazines, a good newspaper and the literary world of old. I love to read about writing and writers. I’d rather read an interview with Somerset Maugham or Paul Auster than the gurus of the computer age. Why? I think my full-plunge into computing in the late eighties has worn me down. I feel disconnected in the most connected age of all. Read More Here


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February 01, 2006



Excellent. I love blogs with solid original content. I've noticed very little simple linking to other blogs from PNDW. Keep doing what you're doing, you do it well.


Mike - Just checking up on a few of my favorite blogs before hitting the pillow here in Tokyo. Wow. Thanks for the great review.

Truth is if you think I have some passion for pencils then you wouldn't believe the dinner I just finished with our Japanese subcontractors for our Palomino product range. We were covering issues regarding our next production run and these guys spend incredible time discussing every last, very minute detail to assure it's going to get done right. True artisans. Just another interesting topic for a future post on Timbelines along with about 5 other things from this trip if I can get the time.


What a neat story. Kudos to Woodchuck, and how cool is it to get a comment from the man himself?

I also wanna agree with Biz that there's not enough original content in the blogosphere. I liked seeing this and know it had to take some time and research. Quality! Thanks, Mike.


Great article! It's good to see some research done for a blog post. Woodchuck sounds like a cool guy. I added some links to his stuff (and yours too) on my blog.

Joseph Garred

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Henry Karpinski

Is there any place aside from E-bay where Palominos can be purchased?


Palominos, the rest of the California Republic range and even more pencils from other industry partners can now also be found on our newly re-launched site. We've initiated additional features not available at our Pencil World Store on eBay.

Ride the Palomino.

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