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  • Paper notes in a digital world? Absolutely. I still believe in pens, pencils, notebooks, journals, daily planners, letter writing, thank-you cards, and all things that celebrate a life that respects the placing of words on paper. Though, obviously, the words you are now reading are not on paper, they are definitely on paper - in spirit. In an age of blogs (like this one), blogs about blogs, online publications of all kinds and everything digital, I still celebrate the journal kept in a notebook, bound books, magazines, a good newspaper and the literary world of old. I love to read about writing and writers. I’d rather read an interview with Somerset Maugham or Paul Auster than the gurus of the computer age. Why? I think my full-plunge into computing in the late eighties has worn me down. I feel disconnected in the most connected age of all. Read More Here


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February 09, 2006



I'm with you all the way on this. Whether it's a magazine or especially a book. Can't even imagine trying to read a book online. The only serious online reading I do is blogs or when I'm researching a particular topic.


Ditto. I cannot read anything longer than a blog post myself. The main mags I read are Fast Company, The Economist, Inc., Business Week, and varrious trade journals. My all-time favorites are Longboard Mag and The Surfer's Journal. Both are well put together (heafty in the hand), excellent photography, glossy, and printed on excellent paper. The writing is excellent. Check'em out next trip. You don't even need to surf to enjoy these fine publications.


Oh, I assure you, you are not the only one. I'm currently subscribed to the Economist, Wired, and MIT Technology Review, and often buy First Things, Sojourners, the Walrus (Harpers for Canadians), 3D World, Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy, Computer Arts Projects, Digital Photography, and .net, among others.


Magazine addict? At one time I was subscribed to 22 magazines. I had everything from UTNE magazine to Professional Photographer. I subscribed to BIKE, Dirt Rag, MacAddict, Kiplinger's, New York, Dynamic Graphics, Nikon Magazine, and more. I can understand the lure of magazines. I can understand the lure of books as well. Many people love those audio books. I like reading the book, relaxing in a chair and holding the book. Having someone drone on in audio makes me lose my attention.

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