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February 06, 2006


Michael Shea

About two years ago I began writing short stories in longhand with a pen on paper. I found that, although slower, I got much more into the story. I broke away from all other distractions and every sentense was already spoken in my mind before I wrote it down on paper.

It turns out that a lot of professional authors handwrite some, if not all, of their work. Neil Gaiman, Neal Stephenson, Stephen King, and Joe Haldeman have all handwritten books. King handwrote Dreamcatcher with a Waterman fountain pen while Neal Stephenson proudly stated in his books that he handwrote the entire Baroque cycle on 100% cotton paper.

Michael Leddy

Glad to see you picked up on Shari Wilson's piece. I've noticed the same thing over many semesters of teaching -- in-class writing is often far more coherent. For me, the best explanation is that there's more opportunity to concentrate, far fewer distractions.

Toni Morrison is another writer who writes by hand. And the manual typewriter still has loyal users. The novelist (and poet) Paul Auster has written an essay about his typewriter, an Olympia portable ("The Story of My Typewriter").


Clive Barker writes all of his books by hand and someone else types them up.

As for me, I definitely notice a difference between my writing that starts out on paper and that which starts out on screen. I just think there's something organic about the process of holding a pen in the hand, that does not translate to typing on a keyboard. For anything important, I try to do most of my first drafts on paper and do my edits on screen.

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