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  • Paper notes in a digital world? Absolutely. I still believe in pens, pencils, notebooks, journals, daily planners, letter writing, thank-you cards, and all things that celebrate a life that respects the placing of words on paper. Though, obviously, the words you are now reading are not on paper, they are definitely on paper - in spirit. In an age of blogs (like this one), blogs about blogs, online publications of all kinds and everything digital, I still celebrate the journal kept in a notebook, bound books, magazines, a good newspaper and the literary world of old. I love to read about writing and writers. I’d rather read an interview with Somerset Maugham or Paul Auster than the gurus of the computer age. Why? I think my full-plunge into computing in the late eighties has worn me down. I feel disconnected in the most connected age of all. Read More Here


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January 24, 2006



This was very good! I just told a friend by IM that Paper Notes In A Digital World is the blog equivalent of a book of literary non-fiction. You do a very good job and are an extremely talented writer. Would you like to come to UMass and help me write my MFA thesis? I struggle. :(
Keep it up!!!! I LOVE IT!


I wonder, does the experience extend to relevancy? I mean, would you feel the same way if you had a set of encyclopedias from, say, 1989 or even 1956? No doubt picking up an old set would be cheaper, especially if you follow the estate sales. After all, it's still paper, but with the added cachet of age and all the physical marks of being well-used.

Anyway, great blog -- it's good to see a fellow paperphiliac. :-)


I miss card catalogues and microfische for the same reasons, I think. The accidental discovering of something that you didn't know you wanted to know; the non-purpose-driven looking. The feeling of great wealth, and great mysteries.


found ya through moleskinrie awhile back and have been reading regularly. you guys are 2 of my fave blogs. i have an encyclopedia set that my brother bought 3 years ago. i like them alot and use them more then i thought i would..sometimes i dont want to mess with the internet.


My 14 y/o son bought a complete set of EB at our local library's used book sale 2005 for 15$ !!! What I enjoy the most is random discovery. Take a volume out, page through it awhile, and something will pique your curiosity, catch the corner of your eye. This unanticipated discovery is a special thing, a mystical experience of the intellectual kind. I am 50 and I still remember clearly the EB door-to-door salesman. My poor, hardworking parents ponied over some prime dollars to provide me with those special books. I still have them today. I hope we never loose the encyclopedia to the computer age -- there is absolutely room for both!!

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