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  • Paper notes in a digital world? Absolutely. I still believe in pens, pencils, notebooks, journals, daily planners, letter writing, thank-you cards, and all things that celebrate a life that respects the placing of words on paper. Though, obviously, the words you are now reading are not on paper, they are definitely on paper - in spirit. In an age of blogs (like this one), blogs about blogs, online publications of all kinds and everything digital, I still celebrate the journal kept in a notebook, bound books, magazines, a good newspaper and the literary world of old. I love to read about writing and writers. I’d rather read an interview with Somerset Maugham or Paul Auster than the gurus of the computer age. Why? I think my full-plunge into computing in the late eighties has worn me down. I feel disconnected in the most connected age of all. Read More Here


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January 03, 2006


J. Little

Excellent post. Excellent blog. I found you through Moleskinerie and am glad I did. Thanks!

Dave Smith

Great Post, Great Ideas. I've been an on and off journaler (sp?) all my life. Last summer I bought myself a Moleskine notebook, to add to the collection of all the other failed notebooks. But I find myself writing in it more than I have ever done. Is it the size? shape? Coolness factor? Or is it just age and maturity? Who knows...
But! With this new journaling power comes responsibility also. I have encouraged my wife to write and we both have pressed her father to write his "memoirs". Tomorrow I give my father a journal for his birthday, he's stubborn, but for both fathers I will be printing out this article and giving it to them. Help them make that step into it.
They need to write about who they are, so their grandchildren will be able to know WHO and WHY they were. Hopefully my grandchildren will be able to look at my journals and do the same.

Mike - Paper Notes

Thank you, John and Dave. I appreciate the nice comments. This is something I really believe in. I like the way that you, Dave, talk about it in terms of responsibility. And what a GREAT idea to give your father a journal for his birthday. Maybe with your encouragement, your father and father-in-law both might leave lasting legacies on paper.

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